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Easy Wave Red
Easy Wave White
Wave Blue
Wave Lavender
Wave Lilac
Wave Pink
Wave Purple
Wave Rose not available for 2018
Shockwave Coral Crush
Tidal Wave Cherry
Tidal Wave Silver
Shock Wave Plum Vein
Dragonwing Begonias from the "Wave" makers
Shock Wave Deep Purple:
Plant Habit: Mounded, Spreading
Spacing: 10-15"
Height: 7-10"
Width: 30-36"
Exposure: Sun
Uses: Border, Foundation, Garden Bed, Hanging Basket, Large Container, Landscape, Mixed Container, Pathway, Small Container
Wave petunias are a 4 pack for $3.19
Ramblin Peach Glo: 10-14 inches tall and spreads 30-36 inches. Soft Salmon-Peach color. 4 pack is $3.19 Similar to the "Waves"
Easy Wave Burgundy Star
Easy Wave Neon Rose
This explains the difference between the wave, easy wave, shock wave and tidal wave petunias. Click Here
Wave petunia 4 pack $3.19
Easy Wave Burgundy Velour
Easy Wave Pink Passion
Easy Wave Yellow
Tidal Wave Red Velour
Easy Wave Red Velour