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Petunia Sophistica Lime Bicolor
4 pack is $3.19
2 pack perennials are $1.99
Potato vines are $2.49 each
Snapdragons are $2.39 for a 9 pack
PlentiFall is an improved trailing series of pansies with a flat, spreading habit. Sells in mixed colors. 6 pack is $1.99
Champion II Tomato. With much improved disease resistance for easier gardening success. Use them for slicing on sandwiches and burgers or in salads. 70 days 10 ounce tomatoes. 9 pack is $2.39; 6 pack is $1.99
A very fun color pattern of the Verbena Pink Twister! A blob of pink sits on a white background - in a cool swirl of color. Hanging baskets $12.95 and 3.5" pots $2.49 each.
Vinca 'Jams 'N Jellies Blackberry'
extremely unique, velvety deep purple with white eye flower color. In some settings, the flower petals appear almost black, making this color a designer's delight. 10-14 inches tall. 9 pack is $2.39
Purple fountain grass start at $5.99 each
Venus fly traps are $7.99 each
Debonair Black Cherry Petunia Shimmering black with burgundy-reddish undertones.Suitabl e for pots, combo planters and baskets. 4 pack is $3.19
Verbena Lanai Candy Cane. White blossoms with a cherry stripe are adorable and eye-catching. 3.5" pots are $2.49 each

Petunia African Sunset
Sorry, Not available for 2018
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit has shades mixed of cream, orange, purple, scarlet, yellow and white. Well-branched, compact, 18 to 24 inch plants are drought tolerant. 2 pack is $1.99 ea.
Petunia Sophistica Lime Green is yellow with underlying lime tone is a very solid, saturated color with no veining or fading like traditional yellow petunias. Height: 10-15", 10-12" spread. 4 pack is $3.19
Compact impatiens SunPatiens® are dense, bushy plants that are well-branched and covered with flowers Grows 18-24" tall and wide Available in six colors. Thrive in either full sun or shade. 3.5" pot is $2.49 ea.
Geranium Pinto White to Rose: has giant 5-inch flowerheads open white, then mature to a rich shade of rosy pink! 2.5" pot is $1.39
Coleus, Chocolate Covered Cherry, displays one of the best foliage patterns – the rose center on each leaf is surrounded by deep mahogany and edged with a thin green margin. Grows 12" to 14" tall. 2.5" pot is $1.39
Cuphea Dynamite "Cigar Plant" is covered with small, tubular, bright scarlet flowers over dark green foliage. Height is 8 - 10" and Width is 10 - 12" 3.5" pot is $2.49 ea