Lou’s Greenhouse will replace once, at no charge, all trees, shrubs, and evergreens planted in the ground in Spring 2017, which fail to grow through August 1, 2017. This limited warranty is valid if you have followed our planting, maintenance, watering instructions. Also we do not warranty against animal, winter or chemical spray damage. Plant failures must be reported to Lou’s Greenhouse before August 1, 2017. There is no compensation for labor to replant. Proof of purchase is required.

Materials planted in above-ground containers are not included in this warranty.

Lou’s Greenhouse reserves the right to inspect the plants in question and to suggest corrective measures, when indicated.
Lou’s Greenhouse Tree, Shrub, Evergreen Limited Warranty
Lous Greenhouse Annuals and Perennials Policy
All annuals and perennials are sold as is, no warranty
Sorry, we do not ship our plants.
Shipping Policy
Custom Order Policy
Due to our large size and having no room, we are no longer doing "custom" planting orders.
Our Layaway Policy
We have no room for saving plants, baskets, pots for later pick up. All plants are sold first come first served basis.
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