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http://www.wave-rave. com/
http://sdces.sdstate. edu/
Infomation on wave petunias
Diagnosing Vegetable Problems heetList.htm
Diagnosing Tomato Problems ato_List.htm
For fun recreation and camping check out LakeshoreRVpark
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Located in Ortonville,MN
Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
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Welcome to Lou's Greenhouse eninfo/
A nice website with lots of gardening links and infomation. Submitted by a reader.
A infomational website for Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!
Submitted by a reader. ening-for-kids
Companion planting and combining means growing plants together that like or benefit each other. Vegetable companion gardening can have a real impact on the health and yield of your plants.
Submitted by a reader.
Companion Planting Vegetable Gardening Plant Combinations Infomation

A beginner's guide to growing flowers organically. These organic gardening tips and hints will provide you with the right information to start your own organic garden at home.
Submitted by Mrs. McVey and Her 5th Graders.......thanks
Gardening how-to from
Gardening can be quite easy, if you follow a few basics principles. And we're here to help.
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Monrovia's Blog Click Here direct link to the family
A nice website with lots of photos on fairy gardening.
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A Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens

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Selecting your state and county helps assure you will receive an answer from someone familiar with our climate and growing conditions. If you are a South Dakota resident, you will likely receive a response from an SDSU Extension Specialist or Field Specialist or a Master Gardener from South Dakota.

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