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New for 2017: Easy Wave Great Lakes Mixture Petunia. A stunning blend of violet, blue and white colors. 4 pack is $3.19
New for 2017: Easy Wave Plum Pudding Mixture Spreading Petunia. Has a splendid mix of plum vein and violet blooms. 4 pack is $3.19
New for 2017: Petunia Lime Coral Fuseables. Has a mix of Dreams Coral Morn and Sophistica Lime Bicolour petunias. 4 pack is $3.19
New for 2017: Prizm Hybrid Kale. Excellent tasting with an almost nutty flavor. Great for salads and stands up to cooking well. Stalks are quick to re-leaf, so harvest early and often for a continual supply throughout the season. 6 pack is $1.99
New for 2017: Tomato, Fourth Of July Hybrid. Celebrate the Fourth of July with a plentiful harvest of vine-ripened red, luscious tomatoes. The indeterminate plants produce plentiful 4 oz. tomatoes all season long.
New for 2017: Graceful Grasses Prince Tut. Garden Height 18 - 30 Inches. Use in larger containers alone or as a thriller in large combinations. Great in the landscape, where it is best with consistent moisture. quart size $4.99
New for 2017: South Beach Mix Easy Wave Petunia is made up of Easy Wave Red, Easy Wave Violet and Easy Wave Coral Reef. They combine in a bright cascade of color that is sure to look great in your yard. 4 pack is $3.19
New for 2017: Pink Sky Petunia. Similar to the incredibly popular Night Sky Petunia, it features a bright pink bloom with unique clusters of white that resemble a starry sky. Price is $2.49 for one plant.